Throughout my life I have always been a trying to be positive person. I often say my name, which means happiness in Arabic, was truly destined for me. Something that I have been asked the most is, how are you always positive? I usually reply with, it’s not a simple task, in reality it something difficult to keep up with. But I choose it because the end result is better than choosing negativity. Positivity is easiest at times when you are with your family or friends, the people who care about you the most. It’s important to focus on positivity at times when you have received bad news. That is when it’s the most difficult to stay as positive as possible. 

It takes time to learn it, it’s like keeping up with a new habit. Choosing positivity is a difficult lifestyle to keep up with, but who wants to live a live in the dumps to later realize you could have enjoyed every second of life. Life’s full of decisions and this is one the most important decision one can make in their life. Choosing to see the bright side or choosing to always point of the dark. Positivity also attracts people who are positive rather than negative. It attracts the right people for you. Having a positive support system around you is as important. Most people rather be friends with someone who brings light to the room than darkness. It’s takes the same amount of energy, so it’s not about being lazy. It’s really just up to you, which side do you choose? 


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