Comfort zones 

I always love staying in my little bubble. I have been known for it. This isn’t  success story. I couldn’t tell you more about comfort zones because I struggle with it everyday. As a kid I was always a shy person. Not shy to point where I didn’t I have friends. But shy enough to only have 1 or two friends at some point in my life. I liked my comfort zone and I didn’t want to step out of it at the time. I started to hate being shy and I wanted to know how other people can be so out-going ? My sister being one of them, has been out-going since day one. I admire her for that, she is one of the people that I have learned from to step out of my comfort zone for being shy. 

What I have learned is, Comfort zones are really fun to stay in. But they are not the risks we need to take in life. Staying your bubble is one word, comfortable. In my situation staying in my comfort zone didn’t give me the opportunity to meet great new people. I had to learn how to step out of my comfort zone. It’s hard and it’s definitely not fun, but I thank myself for realizing that I couldn’t have lived there for the rest of my life. It’s about doing that scary thing that you have always wanted to do. We all have different fears, but we can’t let that fear get to us. We have the face it and show it who’s boss. 

I started to talk more in my classes to raise my hand to force myself out of my comfort zone. I did that until I became comfortable with the new comfort zone bubble I created, and to this day I still force myself to step out of that bubble and make the new and better one, because in the end result I know I will thank myself. 


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